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Online Student Etiquette

Letter to Parents Concerning ZOOM

As we all know, the New York City Department of Education has asked all teachers to stop using ZOOM for face to face lessons as it presents a security concern for all students.

This past weekend, ZOOM has installed security measures which will prevent hackers from entering lessons. First, meeting coordinators (teachers) will need to invite participants from a “waiting room” to their session.  Second, an additional ID number is added to each link.

The faculty of SMCA met again to discuss the concerns of some parents and evaluate what we are doing to ensure additional safety for our students. We compared Google Meets to ZOOM and still found that ZOOM had more security and was less risky for our students.

As we move on in the fourth week of distance learning, we will continue to use ZOOM for face to face lessons. However, the teachers will not record any lessons. This will prevent lessons from being accessed and used on various social media sites. It is also encouraging students to attend lessons and not rely on viewing the previously recorded session at their leisure.

Video Classroom Student Etiquette

        • Show up on time. Don’t be late for class!
        • Use your first name only (no full names) when you join the room
        • Dress appropriately (No pajamas please)
        • Turn off all distractions such as the TV or your phone so you can focus
        • Find a quiet place to work. Let your family know that you are in class learning and are not to be disturbed
        • Enable video so that we can see you
        • Mute your microphone when you are not speaking
        • Use the Raise Hand feature if you want your teacher’s attention
        • Use of the Chat function is not allowed
        • Inform your teacher if you have to be away from the camera
        • No eating while on camera