Technology Assignments

Log into login.learning,com and complete this week’s assignment for your class listed below.
Remember that your username is your first name, a space, and your last name.
For example if your name was Jane Doe then your username would be jane doe.
The district is BQ Diocese.
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Week of March 16:

Grade 2: Keyboarding: Locate and Type Letters U, V, W, X, Y, and Z

Grade 3: Spreadsheets: Navigating Cells, Rows, and Columns

Grade 4: Spreadsheets: Columns and Rows

Grade 5: Internet Usage: Validity and Sourcing

Grade 6: Online Communication: Sharing Safely Online

Grade 7: Databases: Planning and Building a Database

Grade 8: Online Communications: Using Personal Learning Networks

Grades 4-8 please join my Google Classroom if you haven’t done so already. Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom starting next week. Enroll in the class by going to Google Classroom clicking the + sign and join the class with the code below: 

Grade 4: 4xgrvrr

Grade 5: dr4lcxp

Grade 6: chqf6qe

Grade 7: 2iotnra

Grade 8: wu6iatz