SMCA Apart/Together

Even though we are temporarily apart from each other we are still one family. In this gallery we will highlight members of the St. Michael’s Catholic Academy Family as we continue to learn and grow together. 
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The SMCA preschoolers, teachers, and administrators had the opportunity to share some living things they have in their house, through a video conference. They showed and talked about their pet cats, dogs, and also about plants (i.e. parts of a plant and the life cycle of the plants). The students knew the differences between living and non-living things. They are learning these concepts very well!PreK1 on zoom PreK2 on zoomPreK3 on zoomPreK4 on zoom


Like all of the students at SMCA, our preschoolers have been busy at work during the Easter break. They truly remind us of the meaning of Easter: a new beginning, hope, and happiness.

Easter Collage from PreK

Today, during our fourth week of remote learning, the Pre-K classes held a Show and Tell video conference! The students and teachers shared their works of art and favorite toys related to the Living and Non-Living Things unit of study. We saw a display of plants, stuffed animals, trucks, and other toys and also drawings of pets, parts of a plant and the life cycle of a plant. Good job SMCA!!

PreK1 Show and Tell PreK2 Show and Tell PreK3 Show and Tell PreK4 Show and Tell

Week 3 of remote learning has come and gone! During this week, we held a live video conference and got to see and greet each other! Our preschoolers are learning about Living and Non-living Things. We invite you to see their work displayed on the classes’ collages! Thank you to the teachers, students and parents for working as a team and for making this week a complete success!.
PreK 1 Collage Week 3 PK 2 Collage Week 3 
PK 3 Collage Week 3 PK 4 Collage Week 3
Kindergarten studied plants and drew pictures of our important community workers
and the special work they do everyday to keep us safe
Week 2 Kindergarten Plants Kindergarten Week 2 Community Helpers drawings

The SMCA Pre-K classes had a live video conference today. Students, parents, teachers, and school administrators shared a wonderful and productive time together. The response was astounding! We are looking forward to repeat this experience soon!


PreK 1 Zoom Meeting   PreK2 Zoom Meeting

PreK3 Zoom Meeting   PreK4 Zoom

Week 2 of remote learning at SMCA was a tremendous success! We are proud of our staff, students, and their families for their hard work and dedication. Keep up the great work SMCA!! We can do this together!

PreK1 students at work during remote learning Pre K 2 students at work during remote learning



PreK 4 students at work during remote learning Jayron working Jayron distance learning

Claire Student with plant 01 Student with plant 02 Student with plant 03
Student with plant 04 Student with plant 05 Don't Go Out Valeria Working Valeria on the computer















































Student on Computer