New School Year Opening Dates

St. Michael’s Catholic Academy will open as scheduled beginning September 9th. 
As mentioned in our parent meetings, the week of September 9th-11th will be Orientation Days for students.
September 9th-Grades 6,7,8 will attend from 8am-12:30pm
September 10th-Grades 2,3,4,5 will attend from 8am-12:30pm
September 11th-Grades Kindergarten and 1 will attend from 8am-12:30pm.
ALL classes will attend from 8am-2:50PM beginning Monday, September 14th. Food services will begin on September 14th.  After School will also begin on September 14th.
We will not follow the opening schedule of the New York City Public Schools!
A video describing the preparations, efforts and expectations for the new school year has been prepared by the Superintendent’s Office with partnership from DeSales Media: