Never Lose Hope

It is part of the human experience that we all share to go through dark times on occasion. But during these times we must try to remember that we are NOT alone. How do we find the courage to reach out and really connect, as our true selves…..?????    

We look to JESUS, the perfect model of what it is to be human, Jesus, Who is our “connector” to the Father, and to each other…. 

Jesus, who reminds us to pray always, to forgive as we are forgiven, to help those in our path who need us, and that, even in what seem to be our darkest times, new life and new beginnings are always possible…for we are connected to each other as members of His Body, and  He is with us always.


DEAR EVAN HANSEN  –  Winner of  6  Tony Awards….

“You Will Be Found”
Original cast:

Hal Leonard arrangement:
Graduation “flash mob”

“Waving Through a Window”: