Mrs. McGann – Second Trimester, 2019-20

Homeroom: Grade 5
Science: Grades: 4 through 8
STEM: Grades 4 through 8
Religion: Grade 5

Second Trimester Science Curriculum 2020

Grade 4


  • Changes on the Earth’s Surface and the Impact of Natural Processes


Essential Questions:


  •  How do Earth processes, natural forces, and organisms change land over time? 


  • How can people  affect the impact of  natural processes and resources
  • Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Rock Formations, Fossils
  • Erosion by wind, rain, ice or vegetation
  • Transfer of Energy and Information
  • Essential Question: How do we know energy is conserved as it is transformed from one form to another?
  • Sound and Light energy, magnetism, electrical currents



Grade 5


  • Stars and the Solar System


Essential Question:

 How far away are the stars?


  • Comparing the Sun to other stars


  • Positioning of Earth and other planets from the Sun
  • Shadows



Earth’s Systems Science

Essential Question:

Where does rain come from?


  • Matter is made of particles too small to be seen


  • Gravity
  • How do the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere interact?
  • Water sources on Earth
  • Conservation\



Grade 6


  • Engineering and Energy  Transformations


Essential Question:

How can we minimize or maximize the transfer of heat?


  • Chemical and Physical Changes


  • Thermal Energy Transfer
  • Matter, Mass and the changes in temperature in matter
  • Electricity and Magnetism



Essential Question:

How does energy flow through electrical systems and magnetic fields?


  • Factors that determine the strength of a magnetic and electrical force


  • Objects exerting force on each other
  • Energy can be transferred by electric currents



Grade 7


  • Structure and Properties of Matter


Essential Question:

How do properties, such as density, help us to classify and identify matter?


  • Atomic composition of simple molecules and extended structures


  • Effects of thermal temperature on the motion of molecules
  • Measuring mass, density and volume
  • Analyzing physical changes in matter
  • Changing Properties of Matter



Essential Question:

How do we know if a chemical reaction has occurred during cellular processes such as photosynthesis and cellular respiration?


  • Identify properties of substances before and after chemical changes.


  • Use of synthetic materials
  • How is mass conserved during  chemical change
  • Chemical changes in food to release energy



Grade 8


  • Energy, Forces , and Motion


Essential Question:

How do Newton’s Laws help us to better understand the impact of collisions between two objects?


  • Newton’s Laws of Motion


  • Gravitational interaction and mass
  • Kinetic energy
  • Earth’s Place in the Universe



Essential Question:

What would happen if gravity did not exist?


  • Gravitational interaction among masses


  • Lunar phases, eclipses of the Sun, Moon, and the seasons
  • Motions in the galaxy and solar systems
  • Properties of objects in the solar system