Mrs. Marsala – 1st Trimester, 2019-2020

Social Studies

4th Grade – 1st Trimester

2019-2020 School Year

Five Themes of Geography

Geographic Terminology 

6 Regions of New York

New York and Its First People

  • The Land of New York
  • New York State’s Early People

Two Cultures Meet

  • Europeans Explore New York
  • Life in Colonial New York
  • Reading Skills
    • Identify Main Idea and Details
    • Summarize
  • Chart and Graph Skills
    • Read Time Lines
    • Read Circle and Line Graphs
  • Using Primary Sources
    • Understand Artifacts
    • Understand Historical Maps
  • Biography
    • Hiawatha
    • John Peter Zenger
  • Citizenship
    • Point of View 

Social Studies

5th Grade – 1st Trimester

2019-2020 School Year

 The First Americans 

  • Peopling the Western Hemisphere  
  • Native Americans

Worlds Meet 

  • The Age of Exploration
  • Contact and Exploration 
  •  The Settlement of North America

Colonization and Conflict

  • Establishment of the 13 English Colonies
  • Life in the Colonies

Social Studies

6th Grade – 1st Trimester

2019-2020 School Year

Early Civilizations 

  • The First Civilizations
  • Ancient Egypt 

The Ancient World 

  • The Ancient Greeks 
  • Early India

Social Studies

7th Grade – 1st Trimester

2019-2020 School Year

The Americas:  

  • Worlds Meet
  • The First American      
    • Migration to the Americas
    • Cities and Empires
    • North American Peoples
    • Exploring the America
    • A Changing World
    • Early Exploration
    • Spain in America
    • Exploring North America
    • Colonial America
    • Early English Settlements
    • New England Colonies
    • Middle Colonies
    • Southern Colonies
    • Growth of the Thirteen Colonies
    • Life in the Colonies
    • Government, Religion, Culture
    • France and Britain Clash
    • The French and Indian War

Creating a Nation

  • The Spirit of Independence
    • Taxation Without Representation
    • Building Colonial Unity
    • A Call to Arms
    • Working Toward Independence 

 The Mayflower Compact

The Declaration of Independence

 Social Studies

8th Grade – 1st Trimester

2019-2020 School Year

Reshaping the Nation 

  • The Industrial Age

o   Railroads Lead the Way

o   Inventions

o   An Age of Big Business

o   Industrial Workers

  • An Urban Society

o   The New Immigrants

o   Moving to the City

o   A Changing Culture 

Reform and Empire

  • The Progressive Era

o   The Progressive Movement

o   Women and Progressives

o   Progressive Presidents

o   Excluded From Reform


  • Rise to World Power

o   Expanding Horizons

o   Imperialism in the Pacific

o   Spanish-American War

o   Latin American Policies 

  •       World War I

o   War in Europe

o   America’s Road to War

o   Americans Join the Allies

o   The War at Home

o   Searching for Peace


8th Grade – 1st Trimester

2019-2020 School Year

 How do We Nourish God’s Gift of Faith?

    • We Respond to God’s Love
  • We Make Moral Choices
  • We Follow God’s Laws
  • We Love God and Others
  • We Honor Life and Creation
  • We Respect All People

Who Are Our Ancestors in Faith?

  • The Early Church
  • Christians of the Roman Empire
  • Christians of the Early Middle Ages


  • The Liturgical Year
  • Ordinary Time
  • All Saints Day – November 1
  • Advent

8th Grade Saint

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Partners in Faith

  • Sister Thea Bowman
  • Saint Catherine of Siena
  • Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
  • The Sisters of Life
  • Saint Amato Ronconi
  • Women of the Early Church
  • Saint Ambrose

The Beatitudes

The Ten Commandments

Finding Your Way Through the Bible

7  Themes of Catholic Identity

  1.     Life and Dignity of the Human Person
  2.     Call to Family, Community, and Participation
  3.     Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
  4.     Rights and Responsibilities of the Human Person
  5.     The Dignity of Work and the Rights of the Workers
  6.     Care for God’s Creation
  7.     Solidarity of the Human Family