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All classes will return books first. In the lower grades (K-2), if I am introducing an author, I will do that first and then they will take out books. Some may want an introducer book. Otherwise they will take out books and then in the time remaining I will read to them. Also one of my chief roles is to help them find and choose books.

K – Most of the stories will be chosen at random or seasonal. Towards the end easy to read authors. Incorporate common core objectives. e.g.: title, author, illustrator – role of Author and Illustrator; details in text, rhyming words (in poems and “Make Way for Ducklings”) I also found seasonal sheets in the file cabinet for them to color along with a story.

1 – Introduce authors of easy reading. Also non-fiction shelves of easy reading. Common Core objectives. Seasonal stories, poetry, and biographies.

2 – Introduce series – Horrible Harry, Cam Jansen, Junie B. Jones, and Nate the Great. Common Core objectives, poetry, non-fiction, and biography. Read several books throughout the year.

3 – Introduce authors – Beverly Cleary, Debbie Dodey, Patricia Giff and the step up fiction section. Read “Muggie Maggie”, and “The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo”. Also poetry, non-fiction, and biographies.

4 – New authors: Roald Dahl, Judy Blume. Individual books – Paul Gallico’s “The Day Jean-Pierre Joined the Circus” (I have enjoyed his adult books), “Charlotte’s Web”. Also Mrs. Noguera has given several assignments during the year to read a book tied to Social Studies lessons (e.g. A biography of an explorer). Common core objectives, poetry and seasonal books.

5 – Read “Shiloh” – introduce Naylor. Read another book (perhaps “Dear Mr. Henshaw” by Cleary or “Genie of Sutton Place” by Seldon for a fun change ) Common core objectives and poetry.

6 – Read “Bud, Not Buddy”. Select two other books. Poetry. Common Core – contrast different media: a book and a movie. I have done “Velveteen Rabbit” and the full length movie, original Aladdin and the Disney version. This year I hope to do “Alexander’s Terrible Day” and the movie version.

7 – “Summer of the Swan” (Introduce Betsy Byers) and two other books, poetry, Social Studies and Language Arts assignments. Common Core objectives.

8 – Short Stories introducing many authors, poetry, Bible passages (Sunday and Christmas readings), and speeches. Social Studies and Language Arts assignments. Critical thinking. Common Core objectives. Partner with Mrs. Marsala to select a group of books for the class to use with each chapter.

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