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Mrs.Ochtera – December 2020 – March 2021

Posted on January 21, 2021

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December 2020 – March 2021


Each week we will continue  learning the  letters of the alphabet. We will be focusing on letter formation ,  its sound, and objects that begin with each letter.

Students will continue to  learn two or more  sight word each week.We will be working in small groups with leveled readers to guide students  to read and comprehend additional text based on the weekly lesson topics. Students should review sight words daily using index cards or Google Slides. 

We will be discussing genre characteristics such as informational text, fiction, fables, and poetry.   We will be learning the story elements, understanding  characters , reading responses , details, test and graphic features, theme,  summarize, author’s purpose and plot  .  For grammar,  we will be learning about  , nouns, adjectives, capitalization, periods and complete sentences. 

The foundational skills for phonological awareness will  produce and identify rhymes, initial and final sounds, and medial vowel sounds. For phonics, we will be focusing on short and long i and o. 


Chapter 5 Addition

Chapter 6 Subtraction

Chapter 7 Compose and Decompose Numbers 11 to 19

Chapter 8 Measurement 

Chapter 9 Classify Objects 


Science-Lets Find Out Magazine 

  • Slip Sliding on Ice- properties of ice and snow
  • Wide Awake in Winter , Who Lives in the Arctic, Penguins
  • Animal habitats, adaptations, and hibernation
  • Animal Smiles – Dental Health
  • A Frog Grows- Life Cycle
  • My Wild Weather- Types of Weather  

Social Studies- Lets Find Out Magazine 

  • Happy New Year – holiday and tradition
  • We are different – Martin Luther King Jr
  • Our 1st President- Presidents Day
  • Hugs and Hearts- Valentine s Day
  • Have you Seen Green – St Patrick s Day 

Religion (Units)  

Unit 4 Jesus Wants Us To Share God Love 

  • Sign of cross, Angel of God Prayer

Unit 3 Jesus Shows Us God’s Love 

Seasonal Chapter – Lent

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