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Mrs.Ochtera – March 2020 – June 2020

Posted on April 10, 2019

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March – June 2020


Students will continue to  learn two or more sight words each week. In addition, students will build knowledge and language of vocabulary words for each module.  We will be working in small groups with leveled readers to guide students to read and comprehend additional text based on the weekly lesson topics.

We will be discussing genre characteristics such as informational text, fiction, fables,  biographies, . We will be learning the story elements, understanding characters , reading responses , details, test and graphic features, theme,  summarize, and plot( problem/ solution, beginning, middle and end) . In grammar, we will be learning about singular/plural nouns, pronouns, capitalization, periods, and complete sentences. 

The foundational skills for phonological awareness will  produce and identify rhymes, initial , medial , final sounds, and . For phonics, we will be focusing on short and long vowel sounds. In addition, consonant sounds g,k,l,h,w,j,q,x,y,v and z. 

 In writing skill,s we will be focusing on organizational skills for writing such as beginning, middle, end, order of events, sequence words,and using descriptive words


  • Chapter 9 Classify Objects
  • Chapter 10 Position
  • Chapter 8 Measurement
  • Chapter 11 Two Dimensional Shapes
  • Chapter 12 Three Dimensional Shapes 


  • Plants 
  • Life Cycle of A Butterfly 
  • Solid , liquid and gas
  • Motion and position of objects
  • Social Studies
  • Earning Money 
  • Maps and Earth 
  • United States 
  • Monthly Holidays

Religion (Units)  

  • Lent, Three Days, Easter
  • God the Father Gives Jesus
  • Jesus Grew Up in Nazareth
  • God Chooses Mary
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