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Mrs.Ochtera – December 2018 – March 2019

Posted on December 20, 2017

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December – March


Each week  we will continue  learning the letters of the alphabet. We will be focusing on letter formation ,  its sound, and objects that begin with each letter.

Students will continue to  learn one sight word each week. We will be reading short stories from the Journey reader which  will help the students with reading readiness skills. For each word that we learn students will be given a index card to review the sight words at home.We will be working in small groups with leveled readers to guide students  to read and comprehended additional text based on the weekly lesson topics.

We will be focusing on reading different genres, learning the story elements, understanding  characters , reading responses , details, test and graphic features, cause and effect, summarize and narrative writing  . For grammar, we will be learning about action verbs, adjectives, synonyms , parts of a sentence , short vowel sounds.



-Module 2- Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional Shapes

-Module 3- Comparison Length, Weight, capacity and Numbers to 10
-Module 4 – Number Pairs, Addition, Subtraction to 10.


– Non Living and Living Things
– Weather
– Hibernation

Social Studies

– Communities
– Needs and Wants
– Monthly Holidays

Religion (Units)

– Advent/Christmas/Three Kings
– God Gives Us Many Gifts
– God Is Our Creator
– Jesus Shows Us God’s Love
– Lent

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