Ms. Sun – Third Trimester 2018-2019

Posted on October 8, 2019

Kindergarten Mandarin

September – December  


Chinese Language Arts

  We will cover 2 units in the first trimester: 1) my family and me; 2) seasons and weather change. Students will focus on one topic each week. For each week, we will name items, practice conversation, read words, read different genres, and write 3-4 basic characters. Students will be given a list of words and leveled readers to review at home.


At the end of this trimester, students will be able to:  

  1. .  Listening: 1) internalize and follow classroom instructions, directions and routines; 2) understand high frequency words combined with gestures, visuals and repetition on learned topics.
  2. Speaking: 1) imitate Chinese words and phrases; 2) provide information about myself using simple words and phrases.
  3. Reading and reading skills: 1) identify some simple words and phrases; 2) understand the organization and basic features of print; 3) read emergent reader texts with purpose and understanding; 4) identify story elements; 5) make reading responses; 6) identify causes and effects; 7) understand characters
  4. Writing: 1) demonstrate the understanding of the basic writing strokes; 2) spell simple-component characters and words; 3) state an opinion or preference about the topic with help; 4) narrate a single event with help
  5. Grammar:  1) provide information using frequently occurring nouns, action verbs, and adjectives; 2) understand parts of a sentence


  1. Module 1: Numbers to 10
  2.  Module 2: Two-Dimensional and Three- Dimensional Shapes


  1. Seasons and Weather Change
  2. Life Cycle of an Apple
  3. Animals and Habitats 

Social Studies

  1. My Family and Me
  2. Monthly Holidays


  1. Jesus and Holy Family
  2. God Gives Us Many Gifts
  3. Advent / Christmas

Please feel free to use Ms. Sun’s wiki page to review the lessons that have been learned in the class.


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