Ms. Sun – Third Trimester 2018-2019

Posted on March 14, 2019

Kindergarten Mandarin

3rd Trimester  


Chinese Language Arts

    Students will focus on one topic each week. For each week, we will name items, practice conversation, read words and different genres, write 4-5 basic characters, and write simple sentences focusing on the use of the new learned characters, punctuations, and word spacing. Students will be given a list of words and leveled readers to review at home.


At the end of this trimester, students will be able to:  

  1. Oral language: 1) increase their understanding words, phrases, and simple sentences related to everyday life; 2) recognize pieces of information and sometimes understand the main topic of what is being dictated; 3) provide basic information about self, family and friends.
  2. Writing:  1) write memorized words and phrases on familiar topics; 2) write briefly about most familiar topics using very simple sentences.
  3. Reading skills: 1) identify the characters, the setting of the story, and the sequence of events; 2) tell main idea and details; 3) identify causes and effects; 4) understand author’s purpose; 5) compare and contrast 2 things

    4. Language progression:  1) understand and use some learned and memorized words and phrases; 2) use punctuation: period, comma, exclamations; 3) understand Chinese grammar: questions, pronouns, negation with and 没, action verbs, ongoing actions in the present, and basic time phrases


  1. Module 4: Number Pairs, addition and subtraction to 10
  2.  Module 5: Number 10-20; count to 100 by ones and tens


  1. Life cycle of a butterfly  
  2. Plants
  3. Motion


  1. Earning money
  2. Community and maps
  3. Earth
  4. Monthly holidays
  5. All about me


  1. Prays
  2. Lent, 3 Days and Easter
  3. Jesus Family

Please feel free to use Ms. Sun’s wiki page to review the lessons that have been learned in the class.


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