Faculty and Staff Directory


Principal: Mrs. Maureen Rogone (rogone@stmichaelsca.org)

Assistant Principal for Curriculum Supervision: Ms. Diane Hopkins

Chair of the Board of Directors: Dr. Christian Sullivan (board@stmichaelsca.org)

Pre-K Director: Mrs. Katerina Herrera (kherreramhrcaprek@gmail.com)


Pre-K1 Lead Teacher: Krystina Jean (kjean@stmichaelsca.org)
Pre-K1 Assistant: Coco Chan
Pre-K1 Assistant: Yzette Rodezno

Pre-K2 Lead Teacher: Denise Perez (dperez@stmichaelsca.org)
Pre-K2 Assistant: Leidy Aranda
Pre-K2 Assistant: Desiree Sy

Pre-K3 Lead Teacher: Gina Goldfield (ggoldfield@stmichaelsca.org)
Pre-K3 Assistant: Sr. John Henry Ekedigwe
Pre-K3 Assistant: Shania Chenagathocleous

Pre-K4 Lead Teacher: Stephanie Valencia (svalencia@stmichaelsca.org)
Pre-K4 Assistant: Rebecca Sutton
Pre-K4 Assistant: Claudia Jimenez


Ms. Sun: Kindergarten A, Beginning Mandarin (sun@stmichaelsca.org)
Mrs. Ochtera: Kindergarten B, English 307 (ochtera@stmichaelsca.org)

First Grade
Ms. Ambroselli: Grade 1A (ambroselli@stmichaelsca.org)
Ms. Tao: Grade 1B (tao@stmichaelsca.org)

Second Grade
Sr. Martina Hou: Mandarin 2-4 (hou@stmichaelsca.org)
Ms. Hewitt: Grade 2 (hewitt@stmichaelsca.org)

Third Grade

Mrs. McCormack: Grade 3/Student Services (mccormack@stmichaelsca.org)

Fourth Grade

Ms. Gilbert: Grade 4 and Grade 5 ELA, Grade 4 Math (gilbert@stmichaelsca.org)

Fifth Grade

Mrs. McGann: Grade 8, STEM and Grade 4-8 Science  (mcgann@stmichaelsca.org)

Grades 3 – 5 Mandarin

Sixth Grade
Ms. Lee: Grade 6 and Grade 6-8 ELA (lee@stmichaelsca.org)

Seventh Grade
Sr. Cosmas: Grade 7 and Grade 5-8 Math (njoku@stmichaelsca.org)

Eighth Grade
Mrs. Marsala: Grade 5 and Grade 4-8 Social Studies (marsala@stmichaelsca.org)

Special Subjects

Technology: Mr. Wong (wong@stmichaelsca.org)
Music and Choir: Mrs. Meaney (meaney@stmichaelsca.org)
Physical Education: Mr. Veras (veras@stmichaelsca.org
Library: Mrs. Hogan (hogan@stmichaelsca.org)

Office Staff

Secretary: Ms. Paguay (English and Spanish)
Secretary Bus Transportation: Ms. Marra (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
Pre-K Pupil Accounting Manager: Mrs. Valencia
Chinese Family Outreach Coordinator: Sr. Bin Lin
Business and Tuition Secretary: Mrs. Jeri Zappitielli
Marketing & Development Director: Ms. Margaret Mary O’Connell (oconnell@stmichaelsca.org)