Faculty Room Dedication to The Sisters of St. Joseph


St. Michael’s Catholic Academy, located at 136-58 41st Avenue in the Flushing section of Queens,  honored the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood at a plaque dedication ceremony on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at 1:30 p.m. in the school’s faculty room.

The Sisters of St. Joseph have had a strong presence at St. Michael’s since shortly after the school opened in 1851, where they served as administrators, teachers, and counselors.  Sister Joan Gallagher and Sister Mary Ellen Vesey  represented the Sisters of St. Joseph at the ceremony. They were joined by Sister Miriam Blake, the last sister to serve as principal, as well as her former assistant, Sister St. William McMahon. Sister Miriam and Sister St. William were the last Sisters of St. Joseph to serve on the staff at St. Michael’s. Sister Rose Veronica presently serves on the Board of Directors of SMCA, Sister Theresa Scanlon is a graduate of St. Michael’s School and Sister Joan Hronchich ministered in St. Michael’s Parish.

“For over 150 years while ministering at St. Michael’s School, the Sisters of St. Joseph showed strength and courage to face the challenges of the times in Flushing, and globally in their mission as women religious. Their progressive and inclusive approach, not only in education but in social issues, continues to inspire the teaching staff at St. Michael’s Catholic Academy as we are challenged with educational reforms while preparing our students to be responsible global citizens,” said Maureen Rogone, Principal.

Monsignor David Cassato, Vicar for Catholic Schools, and Janet Heed, District Superintendent,  represented the Office of the School Superintendent for the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Plaque dedicated to Sisters of Saint Joseph

Sisters of Saint Joseph stand before plaqueSister Blake and Sister Saint William stand before plaque

Monsignor David Cassato and Monsignor John Vesey bless plaqueSister Mary Ellen Vesey speaks at ceremonySister Joan Gallagher speaks at ceremonyMonsignor John Vesey speaks at ceremony