Covid Reminders

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February 12, 2021

Dear Parents,

            As we continue to offer face to face instruction to our students, it is imperative that we remember the COVID virus is still present and active within our homes and communities.

            I am reminding parents to cooperate and follow the following rules and guidelines:

 Keep your child home if they are not feeling well-with OR without a fever. 

Do not wait for your child to have a fever to take them to a doctor.

Any symptom MUST be reported immediately and checked out with your child’s doctor. COVID has several symptoms that are common with the cold, flu, stomach virus, and aches.

Medical clearance is needed any time a student is absent before they return to school.

Daily Health Surveys must be completed BEFORE the student enters the school building each day.

Masks and social distancing is strictly enforced in school. Please continue to speak with your child about the importance of keeping the mask over the nose and mouth at all times.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation during this time.


Mrs. Maureen Rogone








 任何症状必须立即报告并与您孩子的医生保持联系。 COVID具有感冒,流感,胃发炎和疼痛常见的几种症状。






Mrs. Maureen Rogone