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Pre-K for All

Pre-K 1: Ms. Krystina
Pre-K 2: Ms. Denise
Pre-K 3: Ms. Gina
Pre-K 4: Ms. Stephanie

Kindergarten-8th Grade

Kindergarten A: Ms. Sun
Kindergarten B: Mrs. Ochtera

1st Grade A: Ms. Ambroselli
1st Grade B: Mr. Wang

Mandarin: Sr. Martina Hou
2nd Grade: Ms. Hewitt

3rd Grade: Mrs. McCormack

Grade 3-5 Mandarin: Ms. Zhang

4th Grade and Grade 5 ELA: Ms. Paone

5th Grade (Science 4-8, Religion 5): Mrs. McGann/Ms. Pereira

6th Grade (ELA 6-8, Religion 6): Ms. Brandt

7th Grade (Math 5-8, Religion 7): Sr. Cosmas

8th Grade (Social Studies 4-8, Religion 8): Mrs. Marsala

Special Subjects

Technology: Mr. Wong
Music and Choir: Mrs. Meaney
Library: Mrs. Hogan
Physical Education: Mr. Veras