Flashback Funtimes

In Flashback Funtimes we look back at all the fun and
exciting events that we had during the past school year

Grade 5 and 6 Visit The Lewis Latimer House – February 2020

Students perform at The Bishop’s Christmas Luncheon – December 2019

Thanksgiving Food Drive – November 2019

Field Trip to Bowne House – October 2019


 Rock Cycle Posters that 4th Grade created for their Science class – March 2020



Bishop DiMarzio Reflection

The Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn released the following video recorded from the Chapel in his residence, on the Fourth Sunday of Lent, for the members of the faithful of Brooklyn and Queens.

Bishop DiMarzio speaks about the practice of spiritual communion which has long been part of the Church. The practice is something the great saints implemented when they could not receive the Holy Eucharist during times when communion was not as available as it is today. He also addresses the Sacrament of Reconciliation, encouraging like the Pope, to make a good act of contrition to prepare for when we have the chance for confession. The Bishop also encourages the faithful to do a personal natural penance, especially in this time of isolation, where there are many things we don’t like but have to do.

The link of the full video can be found on the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Vimeo page at https://vimeo.com/399651056 or click on the image below. Bishop DiMarzio


Most Rev. Raymond F. Chappetto, DD, VG, VE
Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn
Vicar General
Vicar for Clergy and Consecrated Life



Report Cards

*** To see your child’s report card you must use you must log into OptionC using your Parent username and password. If you don’t know your username and password please email me (wong@stmichaelsca.org) with the following information: your name, your child’s name, and grade.
I will then send the information to the email address that we have on file in OptionC for you.***

Once you are able to log in here is a helpful guide to seeing the report card: Parent View of Report Cards

Download: EnglishSpanish | Chinese     OptionC Parent Portal Guide

March 20, 2020

Dear Parents,

            Second trimester report cards are now available to be viewed on Option C. All parents were given the access codes in a letter distributed on March 13th. If you have any difficulty in viewing the cards please email the classroom teachers as they have the access codes and can help you also.  If you have any questions about your child’s progress please email the teacher Monday through Friday only. Please be patient as teachers may not be able to immediately answer texts and emails but they will respond to you.  With Communication Folders and Interim Reports regularly distributed there should be no surprises about your child’s progress.

            Starting on Monday, March 23rd, DAILY assignments will be posted as opposed to weekly assignments. At our meeting yesterday, the teachers were reporting some confusion with weekly assignments.  The teachers and I will continue to video conference a few times each week.  Remember attendance and submission of work is required, not only by our school but by New York State Department of Education.  Records are being kept as if we are in face to face learning.

            If at any time you wish to contact me please email me at rogone@stmichaelsca.org.  I am very happy with the support the parents are giving the teachers during this transition to distance learning and under the challenging times we all face.  We will continue to work together for the education of our children. Thank you for your cooperation and support.


Mrs. Maureen Rogone


Acceptable Use Policy and Distance Learning

St. Michael's Catholic Academy

Acceptable Use Policy Reminder: Distance Learning

All students and parents of the St. Michael’s Catholic Academy are reminded that the Acceptable Use Policy you signed for the 2019/2020 school year is in full effect for the duration of our distance learning protocol. Students and parents may view the full policy in their handbook and on the SMCA website, but are reminded of the following:

 It is the policy of the Catholic Academies and Parish Schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn that technology be used to support learning and enhance instruction. Technology will be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner, consistent with the moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Students will not:

  • Use technology to harass, threaten, deceive, intimidate, offend, embarrass, or annoy any individual.
    • Post, publish, reproduce, or display any defamatory, inaccurate, violent, abusive, profane, or sexually oriented material. Users must not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, or threatening language. Users must not knowingly or recklessly post false information about any persons, students, staff or any other organization.
    • Use a photograph, image, video, or likeness of any student(s), or employee(s) without express permission of that individual and/or of the
    • Create any site, post any photo, image, or video of another except with express permission of that individual and/or of the principal.
    • Harm the goodwill and reputation of the school/academy or system in the community.

    Violation of this policy in whole or in part may result in any or all of the following and will be issued at the discretion of the Catholic Academy/Parish School principal:• Loss of use/privileges of school/academy technology.
    • Disciplinary action including, but not limited to suspension, and/or legal action by the school/academy, civil authorities, and/or other involved parties. • Compensation for damages, both physical and punitive, incurred due to actions in violation of this AUP.


Free Meals from NYC

Free Breakfast and Lunches are being made available to all St. Michael’s Catholic Academy Students through the New York City Department of Education

  1. During the week of March 16-20, all nonpublic school students are eligible to pick up Grab & Go lunches (breakfast and lunch) at their local DOE public school locations; thereafter, Grab & Go meals will be available at designated Enrichment Centers. Enrichment Center locations are forthcoming.
  2. Grab-and-Go breakfast and lunch will be available at the entrance of every building from 7:30 am-1:30 pm. Any student can pick up breakfast and lunch at any school building.

Weekly Homework Assignments

Assignments will now be posted on a daily basis on Google Classroom or on Class Dojo

PreK Activities for week of March 23, 2020:

PreK1PreK2PreK3 | PreK4

Please Be Aware of SCAMMERS! Use of Class Dojo and Google Classroom are FREE! Ignore any requests for payment. 

Week of March 16, 2020:

PreK1PreK2| PreK3 | PreK4


Kindergarten Mandarin: Classwork | Homework | Read Aloud (What are you doing?) | Read Aloud (I Feel Spring)

Grade 2

Grade 2 Mandarin

Grade 3

Grade 3 Mandarin

Grade 4 (ELA, Math, Social Studies) and Grade 5 ELA

Grade 5-8 Math

Grade 5-8 Social Studies

Grade 7 Mandarin

Grade 2-8 Technology

Week of March 9, 2020:

PreK1: Weekly Newsletter | At Home Activities

PreK2: Weekly Newsletter | At Home Activities

PreK3: Weekly Newsletter | At Home Activities

PreK4: Weekly Newsletter | At Home Activities


Kindergarten Mandarin: Math | Classwork | Homework | Read Aloud What plants need| Read Aloud What animals need

Grade 1

Grade 1 Mandarin: March 9, March 10, March 11, March 12

Grade 2 Monday: Know It Show It and Math1 
                Tuesday: My Book and Math2
                Wednesday: KnowItShowItp152, KnowItShowItp153 and Math3
                Thursday: KnowItShowItp148, KnowItShowItp149 and Math4

Grade 2 Mandarin

Grade 3

Grade 3 Mandarin

Grade 4 (ELA, Math, SS) and Grade 5 ELA
                  Grade 4 ELA: Module 2.1 Reading, Module 2.1 Writing, Module2.2Reading, Module2.2Writing, Irregular Verbs Worksheet, Prepositions Worksheet

Grade 4-8 Science

Grade 5-8 Social Studies

Grade 5-8 Math

Grade 6-8 ELA


Important Message from Diocese of Brooklyn

Download: English | Spanish | Chinese

Diocese of Brooklyn Announces Catholic Academies and Parish Schools

Will close until at least April 20, 2020

Superintendent of Schools Thomas Chadzutko, Ed. D., has announced today all elementary Catholic Academies and Parish Schools in Brooklyn and Queens will remain closed until April 20, 2020. This follows last week’s announcement that the schools would be closed this week, March 16-March 20, 2020, out of an abundance of caution. The decision mirrors the New York City public schools announcement made last night. 

“The decision to close is based on the interdependency of services between public schools and Catholic schools,” said Dr. Chadzutko.

Many families that attend Diocesan schools depend on the New York City services such as bus transportation, meals, nurses, and crossing and security guards.

“If there was a safe way for us to open sooner, we would, but we cannot function without those essential services,” said Joan McMaster, Associate Superintendent for Principal and Teacher Personnel.

The latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control is to restrict gatherings of 50 or more people. Clearly, the school environment would be in violation.

The contingency pandemic plan, which is part of the Office of the Superintendent school crisis management plan, includes digital, distance and alternative instruction for students so that their education is not disrupted. A complete transition to that model of instruction will take place this week.

The Office of the Superintendent is in daily communication with city and state officials and is part of the Coronavirus Education Task Force of the NYC Department of Education. During this time, there is a constant reassessment of the situation and the necessary response in an effort to keep our school community safe.

Latest Updates

Here are the latest updates from St. Michael’s Catholic Academy:

School will be CLOSED from March 16-April 20

For more information please download the March 11 Letter 

Update on Coronavirus Precautions

Please read the letter from our Principal that addresses the steps that are being taken in response to the current situation.

Update Letter in English    |    Update Letter in Spanish   |  Update Letter in Chinese