End of Year Family Letter from The Superintendent

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Dear Families,

As parents and guardians, you are tasked with making decisions which will help nurture your child and keep them safe.  Being a parent is the most difficult and rewarding job. Over the past year, the stress and anxiety that comes with parenting has been amplified in the face of a global pandemic, health concerns, and unrest within our society. During a bleak time, you have continued to act as beacons for your children in guiding them along the path of Christ. Your support of your children, our schools, and our communities have made this year possible. I am grateful for all you have done and continue, to do to provide your children with a Catholic education.

It is an honor to have our Catholic Academies and Parish Schools entrusted, not only with the care and education of your child, but in the development of their faith. Our shared faith, especially during this past year, has provided us the strength and comfort needed to forge even the most difficult paths. The children are blessed not only to develop their faith within the school community but to learn firsthand from their families and parents. Despite the pandemic, parents still made the effort to engage with their children in their religious education, pray at home, attend liturgy, and safely participate in community events. Your children benefit tremendously from each of these experiences.

Our school communities are blessed to be filled with families who supported staff, teachers, and students, as they made the leap to reopening in the fall. There have been many changes in the way students have learned over the course of the year, in-person, hybrid, remote, but parents have not wavered in helping their students achieve. Parents were also quick to share words of encouragement and appreciation for teachers, staff, and administrators, knowing that they were doing everything in their power to create the best possible learning environment. Parents supported schools through fundraising and direct support of other families in need. Through the generosity of Diocesan families, we were able to provide extra PPE, hand sanitizer, and even more scholarships, to aid families during this challenging time.

Parents and families helped make this year a success not only in your guidance in faith and support of schools, but in your efforts to be a positive example for your child. It has been extremely difficult to stay positive over the past year and even more so as you work to provide a somewhat “normal” experience for your child. We have said over the past year that “children are resilient” and indeed they have been, but we owe a large thanks to families who have provided the foundation for these children to cope with difficult times. By encouraging your child, preparing them for difficult situations, and giving them the tools to understand their emotions, you have enabled them to work through an incredibly challenging year.

At the close of a tumultuous school year, it is my hope that you will be able to enjoy some time with family. Take time to pray together and embrace the peace that comes from building your relationship with God. I wish you good health, happiness, and minimal stress through the summer. We look forward to our time together in the fall.

In Christ,

Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.


Facemasks Still Required

As of now we are still requiring facemasks and social distancing at St. Michael’s Catholic Academy. If any regulations are changed then parents and guardians will be notified. Thank you.

Walkathon 2020

Today St. Michael’s Catholic Academy held our annual Walkathon and Spirit Day. The students participated in this successful fundraiser and enjoyed various sports activities.

Faculty Room Dedication to The Sisters of St. Joseph


St. Michael’s Catholic Academy, located at 136-58 41st Avenue in the Flushing section of Queens,  honored the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood at a plaque dedication ceremony on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at 1:30 p.m. in the school’s faculty room.

The Sisters of St. Joseph have had a strong presence at St. Michael’s since shortly after the school opened in 1851, where they served as administrators, teachers, and counselors.  Sister Joan Gallagher and Sister Mary Ellen Vesey  represented the Sisters of St. Joseph at the ceremony. They were joined by Sister Miriam Blake, the last sister to serve as principal, as well as her former assistant, Sister St. William McMahon. Sister Miriam and Sister St. William were the last Sisters of St. Joseph to serve on the staff at St. Michael’s. Sister Rose Veronica presently serves on the Board of Directors of SMCA, Sister Theresa Scanlon is a graduate of St. Michael’s School and Sister Joan Hronchich ministered in St. Michael’s Parish.

“For over 150 years while ministering at St. Michael’s School, the Sisters of St. Joseph showed strength and courage to face the challenges of the times in Flushing, and globally in their mission as women religious. Their progressive and inclusive approach, not only in education but in social issues, continues to inspire the teaching staff at St. Michael’s Catholic Academy as we are challenged with educational reforms while preparing our students to be responsible global citizens,” said Maureen Rogone, Principal.

Monsignor David Cassato, Vicar for Catholic Schools, and Janet Heed, District Superintendent,  represented the Office of the School Superintendent for the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Plaque dedicated to Sisters of Saint Joseph

Sisters of Saint Joseph stand before plaqueSister Blake and Sister Saint William stand before plaque

Monsignor David Cassato and Monsignor John Vesey bless plaqueSister Mary Ellen Vesey speaks at ceremonySister Joan Gallagher speaks at ceremonyMonsignor John Vesey speaks at ceremony

May Crowning

Today we began our celebration of the Month of Mary with our traditional May Crowning. Students in their classrooms were able to stream in the ceremony held during our weekly mass.

Students place crown on statue of Mary Statue of Mary Priest reading at microphone Principal reading at microphone

New 3-K Program

We are happy to announce that SMCA will offer a Free Full Day 3-K Program for children born in 2018. Please contact our Early Childhood Director, Mrs. Katerina Herrera at kherrera@stmichaelsca.org for more information. The enrollment period for the Free Full Day 3-K Program ends on May 28th, 2021.

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