About St. Michael’s Catholic Academy

Mission Statement

St. Michael’s Catholic Academy is enriched by and reflects the cultural diversity of the parishes of St. John Vianney and St. Michael’s. The total program at St. Michael’s, from preschool through grade eight, is designed to promote each student’s intellectual and spiritual growth grounded in a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. Honoring each child’s individual needs, the Academy motivates the student to achieve his/her potential in an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence, holistic growth and social responsibility.

Vision Statement

We recognize each child as God’s unique creation gifted with talents and attributes which need to be nurtured and cultivated. The faculty of the academy cooperates with each family in the education of the children entrusted to its care. The diversity of each child’s gifts challenges the administration, faculty and staff to engender in themselves and their students qualities of mutual respect and esteem.

In an atmosphere conducive to fostering Christian community values, we hold the education of our students in sacred trust as we help the students to:

  • Understand their Catholic faith and morality
  • Evaluate and express ideas both intellectually and creatively
  • Acquire the skills necessary to think critically and to choose alternatives based on their faith
  • Reach their learning potential through a rich curriculum

Alumni Testimonials