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Mrs. McGann – Second Trimester, 2018-19

Posted on December 20, 2017

Homeroom: Grade 8
Science: Grades: 4 through 8
STEM: Grades: 2 and Grades 4 through 8
Religion: Grade 8

Second Trimester
2018 -2019


Grade 4:

Force and Newton’s Law
Motion and Momentum
Ocean Motion

Grade 5:

Interactions in an Ecosystem
Interactions Among Living Things
How Populations Survive
Cycles of Life
How Ecosystems Change

Grade 6:

Structure of Living Things
Parts of a Cell
Movement and Nutrition in Cells
Reproduction and Growth
The History of Genetics
How DNA Controls Traits
Genetics in Our Lives
Using Genetics

Grade 7:

The Immune System
The Immune Response
Building  Immunity
Infectious Disease vs. Noninfectious Disease
Causes and Transmission of Infectious Disease
Nutrition and Fitness
Eating Disorders
Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

Grade 8:

Motion and Momentum
Force and Newton’s Law
Forces and Fluids
The Sun, Earth and Moon System


All Grades: Nutrition Essentials

Essentials of Nutrition for Our Health and Well Being
Impact of Ecosystem on Diet
Creating Food Logs and Analyzing Results
Food Groups and the Food Pyramid
Understanding Nutritional Information on Product Labels
Nutritional Changes over One’s Lifetime
Portion Control
Role of Insecticides and Cleanliness on Food Supply
Exercise and its impact on Health
Self Image and Eating Disorders
Careers in Health and Nutrition


Grade 8:

Ancestors in Our Faith
The Early Church (to A.D. 300)
Christians of the Roman Empire and Ecumenical Councils (to A.D. 500)
Christians of the Early Middle Ages and Forms of Prayer (to A.D. 1100)
Christians of the High Middle Ages and Theology (to A.D. 1300)
The Church in Crisis (to A.D. 1500)
People of Reform and Renewal


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