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Mrs. McGann – Third Trimester, 2018-19

Posted on April 9, 2019

Homeroom: Grade 8
Science: Grades: 4 through 8
STEM: Grades 4 through 8
Religion: Grade 8

Third Trimester
2018 -2019


Grade 4:

The Sun, Earth and Moon Systems
Ocean Water, Currents Waves and Tides
The Solar System
Stars and Galaxies
Test Preparation for NYS Science Test

Grade 5:

Landforms, Rocks and Minerals
Air Water and Energy
Weather Patterns and Climates
Properties of Matter and Energy
Motion and Energy

Grade 6:

The Earth Moon System
The Solar System and Beyond
Earth’s Moving Crust
How Earth Changes Over Time
Interactions of Matter and Energy

Grade 7:

Rocks and Minerals
Weathering and Erosion
Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Interactions Between Matter and Energy

Grade 8:

The Earth, Sun and Moon System
Ocean Motion
The Solar System
Stars and Galaxies
Preparation for NYS Science Test


Grade 8:

The History of the Church
The Church’s Heritage and Hope
Depending on God in Times of Fear
Teaching Others about Christ
Concern for Future Generations
Transforming the World through Faith
What does it mean to Be Catholic?


STEM Lessons from Space, utilizing an Engineering Program from NASA.
Construct a robot to perform a task
Build a module for Space Flight
Technology of Space Suits
Challenges of Space Walking
Explore microgravity environment of the space station



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