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Mrs. Marsala – 2nd Trimester, 2018-2019

Posted on December 20, 2017

Mrs. Patricia Marsala
2nd Trimester – 2018-2019

Social Studies – 4th Grade

Two Cultures Meet

  • Europeans Explore New York
    • Looking for New Routes
    • The Dutch Settle New York
    • New York Becomes an English Colony
  • Life in Colonial New York
    • Farmers and Townspeople
    • Colonial Government in New York
    • Life in New York Colony

A Time of Change

  • The American Revolution
    • Trouble in the Colonies
    • Fighting in New York
    • The American Revolution Ends
  • A New State
    • Forming a Government
    • The Economy of the New State
  • New Yorkers Move West
    • The Life of Settlers
    • New Ways to Travel
    • New York Grows and Changes
    • The Empire State
  • The Civil War
    • Freedom’s Call
    • New York and the Union
  • Life Changes in New York
    • Inventions and Industries
    • Coming to the United States
    • Growth and Change
    • New York Goes to Work


  • Point of View
  • Democracy in Action
    • Being Informed
    • Cooperation


  • John Peter Zenger
  • Sybil Ludington
  • Sojourner Truth
  • Lillian Wald

Mrs. Patricia Marsala
2nd Trimester – 2018-2019

Social Studies – 5th Grade


The Fight For Independence  (Continued)

  • The American Revolution
    • American Strengths and Weaknesses
    • From Defeat to Victory
    • The War Ends
  • The Constitution of the United States
    • The Articles of Confederation
    • The Constitutional Convention of 1787
    • The Constitution
    • Ratifying the Constitution

A New Nation

  • The Young United States
    • Beyond the Appalachians
    • The Louisiana Purchase
    • The War of 1812
  • The Nation Grows
    • The Industrial Revolution
    • The Presidency of Andrew Jackson
    • Moving West
    • Texas and the War with Mexico

Slavery and Emancipation

  • Slavery Divides the Nation
    • “King Cotton” and the Spread of Slavery
    • Speaking Out Against Slavery
    • Heading Toward War


  • Points of View
  • Being a Good Citizen


  • Physical Geography of the United States and Canada
  • Cultural Geography of the United States and Canada
  • The Region Today: The United States and Canada

Mrs. Patricia Marsala
2nd Trimester – 2018-2019

Social Studies – 6th Grade

The Ancient World  (Continuation)

  • Greek Civilization
    • The Culture of Ancient Greece
    • Greek Philosophy and History
    • Alexander the Great
    • The Spread of Greek Culture
  • Early China
    • China’s First Civilizations
    • Life in Ancient China
    • The Qin and Han Dynasties

New Empires and New Faiths

  • The Rise of Rome
    • Rome’s Beginnings
    • The Roman Republic
    • The Fall of the Republic
    • The Early Empire
  • Roman Civilization
    • Life in Ancient Rome
    • The Fall of Rome
    • The Byzantine Empire

The Middle Ages

  • China in the Middle Ages
    • China Reunites
    • Chinese Society
    • The Mongols in China
    • The Ming Dynasty
  • Medieval Africa
    • The Rise of African Civilizations
    • Africa’s Government and Religion
    • African Society and Culture

Mrs. Patricia Marsala
2nd Trimester 2018-2019

Social Studies – 7th Grade

Creating a Nation

  • The Spirit of Independence
    • Taxation Without Representation
    • Building Colonial Unity
    • A Call to Arms
    • Moving Toward Independence
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The American Revolution
    • Early Years
    • The War Continues
    • The War Moves West and South
    • The War Is Won
  • A More Perfect Union
    • The Article of Confederation
    • Convention and Compromise
    • A New Plan of Government
  • The Constitution of the United States

Launching the Republic

  • The Federalist Era
    • The First President
    • Early Challenges
    • The First Political Parties
  • The Jefferson Era
    • The Republicans Take Power
    • The Louisiana Purchase
    • A Time of Conflict
    • The War of 1812

Mrs. Patricia Marsala
2nd Trimester 2018-2019

Social Studies – 8th Grade

Reform and Empire  (Continued)

  • World War I
    • War in Europe
    • America’s Road to War
    • Americans Join the Allies
    • The War at Home
    • Searching for Peace

Change and Conflict

  • The Jazz Age
    • Time of Turmoil
    • Desire for Normalcy
    • A Booming Economy
    • The Roaring Twenties
  • The Depression and the New Deal
    • The Great Depression
    • Roosevelt’s New Deal
    • Life During the Depression
    • Effects of the New Deal
  • America and World War II
    • The Road to War
    • War Begins
    • On the Home Front
    • War in Europe and Africa
    • War in the Pacific

Mrs. Patricia Marsala
2nd Trimester 2018-2019

Religion  – 5th Grade

Confirmation and Eucharist Complete Our Initiation

  • The Coming of the Holy Spirit
  • The Celebration of Confirmation
  • Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life
  • The Celebration of the Eucharist
  • Living As Prayerful People

The Sacraments of Healing Restore Us

  • We Turn to God
  • The Celebration of Penance and Reconciliation
  • Jesus, the Healer
  • The Celebration of Anointing the Sick
  • Mary, Model of Discipleship


  • Advent
  • Christmas
  • Lent

5th Grade Saints

  • St. Martin De Porres
  • St. Matthias
  • St. Juan Diego

Themes of Catholic Identity

Life and Dignity of the Human Person
Call to Family, Community, and Participation
Rights and Responsibilities of the Human Person
The Dignity of Work and the Rights of  the Workers
Care for God’s Creation


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