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Mrs. Marsala – 1st Trimester, 2018-2019

Posted on December 20, 2017

Social Studies – 4th Grade
1st Trimester

Five Themes of Geography

Geographic Terminology

6 Regions of New York

New York and Its First People

The Land of New York

  • New York’s Regions
  • Rivers and Lakes
  • New York’s Seasons
  • Resources of New York

New York State’s Early People

  • New York’s First People
  • Native Americans of New York
  • The Iroquois League

Two Cultures Meet

Europeans Explore New York

  • Looking for New Routes
  • The Dutch Settle New York
  • New York Becomes an English Colony

Life in Colonial New York

  • Farmers and Townspeople
  • Colonial Government in New York
  • Life in New York Colony

Reading Skills

  • Identify Main Idea and Details
  • Summarize

Chart and Graph Skills

  • Read Time Lines
  • Read Circle and Line Graphs

Using Primary Sources

  • Understand Artifacts
  • Understand Historical Maps


  • Hiawatha
  • John Peter Zenger


  • Point of View


Social Studies – 5th Grade
1st Trimester


The First Americans

Peopling the Western Hemisphere

  • Early Cultures
  • Aztec and Inca

Native Americans

  • Native Americans of the Southwest
  • Native Americans of the Woodlands
  • Native Americans of the Plains
  • Native Americans of the West

Worlds Meet

The Age of Exploration

  • Europe and Marco Polo
  • The Expansion of Trade
  • The Search for New Trade Routes

Contact and Exploration

  • Europeans Come to the Americas
  • Explorers and Conquerors

The Settlement of North America

  • The Search for a Northwest Passage
  • Roanoke and Jamestown
  • The Plymouth Colony
  • Colonization and Conflict

    Establishment of the 13 English Colonies

    • Middle Colonies
    • Explorers and Conquerors
    • Southern Colonies

    Life in the Colonies

    • The Colonists and Why they Came
    • The Colonial Way of Life
    • Slavery in the Colonies
  • The Colonial Economies
  • Colonial Governments
  • European Rivalries in North America

    • Spanish Settlements Spread North
    • New France Expands
    • The French and Indian War

    Social Studies – 6th Grade
    1st Trimester

    Early Civilizations

    The First Civilizations

    • Early Humans
    • Mesopotamian Civilization
    • The First Empires

    Ancient Egypt

    • The Nile Valley
    • Egypt’s Old Kingdom
    • The Egyptian Empire
    • The Civilization of Kush

    The Ancient World

    The Ancient Greeks

    • Sparta and Athens
    • Persia Attacks the Greeks
    • The Age of Pericles
    • The Culture of Ancient Greece
    • Greek Philosophy and History
    • Alexander the Great
    • The Spread of Greek Culture

    Early India

    • India’s Early Civilizations
    • Hinduism and Buddhism
    • India’s First Empires

    Social Studies – 7th Grade
    1st Trimester

    The Americas: Worlds Meet

    • The First Americans
    • Migration to the Americas
    • Cities and Empires
    • North American Peoples
    • Exploring the Americas
    • A Changing World
    • Early Exploration
    • Spain in America
    • Exploring North America
    • Colonial America
    • Early English Settlements
    • New England Colonies
    • Middle Colonies
    • Southern Colonies
    • Growth of the Thirteen Colonies
    • Life in the Colonies/span>
    • Government, Religion, Culture
    • France and Britain Clash
    • The French and Indian War

    Creating a Nation

    The Spirit of Independence

    • Taxation Without Representation
    • Building Colonial Unity
    • A Call to Arms
    • Working Toward Independence

    The Mayflower Compact

    The Declaration of Independence

    Social Studies – 8th Grade
    1st Trimester

    Reshaping the Nation

    The Industrial Age

    • Railroads Lead the Way
    • Inventions
    • An Age of Big Business
    • Industrial Workers

    An Urban Society

    • The New Immigrants
    • Moving to the City
    • A Changing Culture

    Reform and Empire

    The Progressive Era

    • The Progressive Movement
    • Women and Progressives
    • Progressive Presidents
    • Excluded From Reform

    Rise to World Power

    • Expanding Horizons
    • Imperialism in the Pacific
    • Spanish-American War
    • Latin American Policies

    World War I

    • War in Europe
    • America’s Road to War
    • Americans Join the Allies
    • The War at Home
    • Searching for Peace

    Religion – 5th Grade
    1st Trimester

    Jesus Christ Shares His Life with Us

    • Jesus Shares God’s Life with Us
    • Jesus Shares His Mission with the Church
    • The Church Celebrates Seven Sacraments
    • New Life in Christ
    • The Celebration of Baptism

    Confirmation and Eucharist Complete Our Initiation

    • The Coming of the Holy Spirit
    • The Celebration of Confirmation


    • The Liturgical Year
    • Ordinary Time

    5th Grade Saints

    • St. Martin de Porres
    • St. Matthias
    • St. Juan Diego


    • All Saints Day – November 1
    • Advent
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