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Mr. Victor Ying is a third grade teacher of English language arts, math, science, and social studies, and an after-school instructor at St. Michael’s Catholic Academy. Previously a NYC public school teacher, Adjunct Lecturer at Bronx Community College, and Continuing Education Instructor at Queensborough Community College, Mr. Ying received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University, and his Master of Science in Education degree and teaching certification under the NYC Teaching Fellows Program. A certified correspondence Chess Master, Mr. Ying’s past chess accomplishments include winning the NY State Scholastic Chess Championship three times and achieving the highest rating in the U.S. for his age group when he was 12 years old. He is also a certified master of martial arts who specializes in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Tae Kwon Do, and a former church choir piano accompanist who studied piano and music composition at Cornell. Finally, Mr. Ying is also a publisher and English editor of translated classic Chinese novels including Journey to the Western Sky, a translation of 西遊記 (Xi You Ji).

Grade 3 – Trimester 3, 2019-2020

Posted on September 16, 2020

Trimester 1

Grade 3 Math

Properties of Multiplication and Division

            • Multiplication and the meaning of factors
            • Division as an unknown factor problem
            • Commutative and Distributive property 
            • Problem solving

Place Value and Problem Solving with Units

            • Time measurement and problem solving
            • Measuring weight and liquid volume in Metric units
            • Rounding to the nearest Ten and Hundred
            • Two and Three-Digit Measurement Addition and Subtraction using the Standard Algorithm

Multiplication and Division with Units of 0,1,6-9 and multiples of 10   

            • The Properties of Multiplication and Division
            • Analysis of patterns and problem solving 

NYS Math Modules – EngageNY


English Language Arts


                  • Informational Text
                  • Fantasy
                  • Realistic Fiction
                  • Letters
                  • Poetry


                  • Context clues
                  • Main idea
                  • Supporting details
                  • Inference
                  • Theme
                  • Literary Elements
                  • Figurative Language


                • Types of sentences(declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory)
                • Simple sentences, subjects, predicates
                • Capitalization and punctuation
                • Compound sentences
                • nouns/proper nouns/plural nouns
                • verbs/tenses
                • Punctuation
                • prefix (mis, un, non, re, pre, dis)
                • Suffix (ful, ness, y, ly)



                • Word meanings
                • antonyms/synonyms
                • Sentence expansions


                • Short vowels
                • Long vowels/vowel patterns
                • Consonant blends
                • Decoding multi-syllable words


                • Paragraphs
                • Narrative writing
                • compare/contrast essays
                • Descriptive writing

Grade 3 Social Studies


The history, geography, and development of 

                • The United States
                • Ecuador
                • Colombia
                • China

Grade 3 Science

Respect ( health/science)

                • Respect of self
                • Respect of others
                • Respect of the Earth
                • reduce, reuse, recycle



                • The effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motions of an object.
                • Patterns to predict motion
                • Cause and effect of electric and magnetic interactions



                • Jesus gives us the Church
                • God sends us His own Son
                • The Church Begins
                • The Miracles of Jesus

The Mass

                • Parts of the Mass
                • Roles of the participants of the Mass
                • Mass responses


                • Gloria of the Mass
                • The Holy Rosary

The Seasons of the Church

                • Ordinary time
                • Advent

Trimester 1

Grade 5 Religion

Christ shares His life with us

                • Disciples of Christ
                • Jesus’ mission

The  Sacraments of Initiation and Healing

                • Baptism 
                • Confirmation
                • Communion
                • Penance and Reconciliation
                • Anointing of the Sick


Church seasons

                • Ordinary time
                • Advent


                • St. Martin de Porres
                • St. Matthias
                • St. Juan Diego



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