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First Grade Mandarin – Third Trimester (2018 – 2019)

Posted on April 1, 2019

Chinese Language Arts

We will focus on one topic unit within 5-8 school days. All the students will be given the vocabulary charts and leveled reading materials to review at home. By the end of each topic, students will be able to:

  1. Recognize and understand about 10 topic-related vocabularies
  2. Read and write 6-8 topic-related characters
  3. Read 1-2 topic-related texts
  4. Build sentences with the target sentence structures
  5. Create the graphic organizers to show their understanding of the topics
  6. Write a topic-related short paragraph about their own ideas
  7. Perform sentence substitutions with the target sentence structures
  8. Perform basic conversations about the topics

By the end of this trimester, students will be able to:

  • Understand high-frequency Chinese vocabularies in context, with the assistance of pictures, gestures or any other visual supports
  • Describe people, places, items and events with phrases or sentences with details
  • Ask and answer questions with the targeted sentence patterns and words
  • Produce complete topic-related sentences with standard grammar 
  • Participate in the peer-to-peer conversations about the learned topics in class


  • Identify the topic-related vocabularies
  • Ask and answer the questions about the details in the text
  • Realize the fluency in the text written in patterned sentences
  • Retell the story
  • Tell the main ideas, purposes, settings, characters, and organizations of the text



  • Write the learned characters in the correct stroke orders
  • Spelling the high frequency characters
  • Label the provided pictures or objects with phrases
  • Write topic-related short paragraphs expressing the students’ own ideas
  • Complete basic narrative, opinion, descriptive and sequence writing with the learned vocabularies and sentence patterns


  • Module 3: Ordering and Comparing Length Measurements as Numbers
  • Engage NY Module 5: Identifying, Composing, and Partitioning Shapes
  • Engage NY Module 6: Addition and Subtraction to 100
  • Money and time


  • Easter

Social Studies

  • National Symbols Worldwide   
  • Needs and wants
  • Oceans and Continents
  • Environmental Protection
  • Spend and savings
  • Being good citizens


  • Healthy Diet
  • Habitats
  • Earth Day
  • The sky
  • Living and non-living things
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