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First Grade Mandarin – Third Trimester (2019 – 2020)

Posted on April 17, 2020

Ruomu Wang
First Grade
Third Trimester 2019-2020

Chinese Language Arts

  • Topics:
  • Nations: Better Immersion Unit 6, Unit 14, Unit 15
  • Easter: Religious Materials
  • Furniture and Stationaries: Better Immersion Unit 2
  • Community: Better Immersion Unit 5, Unit 10
  • Festivals and Children’s Day: Better Immersion Unit 24
  • Nature: Better Immersion Unit 17
  • Listening Comprehension Skills:
  • Identify the general topic and some basic information in very familiar contexts by recognizing practiced or memorized words, phrases, and simple sentences in texts that are spoken, e.g.:
    • identify some phrases from a read aloud story
    • understand simple instructions given by the teacher
    • understand the difference between a spoken statement and question in people’s conversations
  • Interpersonal Speaking Skills:
  • Request and provide information by asking and answering a few simple questions on very familiar and everyday topics, using a mixture of practiced or memorized words, phrases, and simple sentences
  • Follow agreed-upon rules for discussions and participate by actively listening, taking turns, and staying on topic
  • Build on others’ talk in conversations by responding to the comments of others through multiple exchanges
  • Ask questions to clear up any confusion about topics and texts under discussion
  • Reading Comprehension Skills:
  • Identify some basic facts from memorized words and phrases when they are supported by gestures or visuals in informational and fiction texts, e.g.:
    • understand subject-specific terms
    • recognize a familiar memorized line from a poem
    • recognize some events from a story timeline
  • Presentational Writing Skills:
  • Create or utilize existing visual displays to support descriptions to clarify ideas, thoughts, and feelings
  • Express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly, using complete sentences when appropriate to task, situation, and audience

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